Terms and Conditions for Accommodation


1. Contact

2. Booking

Your booking is a contract. If the booking is cancelled at less than 1 calendar months notice, or if you do not appear, then a cancellation fee of 10 per bed is due. Please tell us your special requirements. Cots or additional bedding for children can be arranged. We can perhaps provide meals if required, please ask.
For the holiday cottage, please see under "Prices"

3. Arrival

The arrival time is as agreed, otherwise 4 6 pm. We would ask you to tell us if you are delayed.

4. House rules

We would ask you not to smoke in the house. We provide a comfortable little corner outside for smoking, with weather protection!

Animals only by agreement.

Children are welcome to play in the garden and use play equipment there, but this is strictly on the condition that the responsible adults have satisfied themselves that their safety is guaranteed, and continue to supervise them.

5. Departure

The departure time is as agreed, otherwise by 10:00 am.