day trips


You can start walking or bicycling from the door, you are in the landscape already. For example to the town of Oederan (ca. 4 km) with the new Weaving museum - the newest museum in Germany for textile and town history. Or to the miniature park "Klein-Erzgebirge" - which has grown and grown to show all the famous buildings of the Erzgebirge, some mechanised, in 12.000m² of parkland, and the gothic Oederan church. There is also a fine new open air swimming pool.

Meißen (ca. 60 km) is the home of the first porcelain manufactory in Europe, which offers an interesting tour in many languages. There are many beautiful objects in the museum and in the shop, but don't expect any cheap goods! The town also has a castle and a cathedral and an interesting old town centre. And of course don't forget Dresden (ca. 68km), long a cultural centre with the famous buildings in the centre, the spectacular newly rebuilt Frauenkirche, and steam boat trips on the Elbe.

The mining town of Freiberg (ca. 12 km) was a silver rush town in the middle ages, which shows in the fine buildings such as the cathedral. The old town is well preserved and today mostly renovated.  Schloss Freudenstein in the middle will (should be ready 18/10/2008 - are they finished?) house the world's largest collection of minerals, which fits well with the strong tradition of mining; the town has the oldest mining academy in the world (now university) and they own a mine, which adults can go down.

To the south are the Erzgebirge hills, with Annaberg-Buchholz (ca. 55 km), Burg Scharfenstein (ca. 36 km). If you are interested in the tradition of wooden toys and Christmas decorations from the Erzgebirge (worth seeing), there is a show workshop and shop in the neighbouring village Gahlenz (ca. 9 km). A bit further is the home of the  industry in Seiffen (ca. 43 km). And about 11/2 hours drive is Oberwiesenthal, with the Fichtelberg. the highest mountain in Saxony, with a cable car and lots to do. The Fichtelberg can also be reached by steam train.

The silhouette of the Schloss Augustusburg (ca. 15 km) is recognisable from far away on a hill. This was built in the 16th century and is a popular tourist destination today, with a summer bob run,  large motorcycle museum, coach museum, falconry displays, dungeon etc. It can be reached by a special mountain railway. Schloss Lichtenwalde and baroque garden (ca. 20 km), is newly renovated and offers fine walks in the garden, events and interesting shops, where for example children can make candles.

And while we're talking about castles, what about Colditz castle, which nowadays caters well for visitors and offers interesting tours. You can see tunnels, a cooler, reconstructed rooms and recently they found a home-made radio in the roof, which had been hidden since 1945.

You can also get active. Apart from walking and cycling, there are wonderful possibilities for swimming. In Oederan, a new open-air swimming pool, in Freiberg a new open-air and inside swimming pool, and in Marienberg an activity fun pool (They're all new!). Then there is an 18 hole golf course in the neighbouring village of Gahlenz.

Chemnitz has very good shopping, a new industry museum (there is not much that hasn't been made in Chemnitz) and also good cultural possibilities, like the Opera house. There is a good cinema in Freiberg. There is a planetarium in Drebach.

Quite a lot to do. If that is not enough, what about a day trip to Prague (3 hours)!
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