our farm

our farm


We, a German/English family, were looking for a timber-framed house, and found three! Farmhouse, stable block and barn ...
The farmhouse is already renovated! (It's easier to write that than it was to do it). And now the stable block is ready as a holiday cottage. And won an award for the renovation! We offer accommodation in the middle of a hectare of meadow and orchard. We can also offer creative courses in felt-making, papier mache, puppet-making, and of course English and German (here are some pictures from our German pages). Talk to us about any special requests you have for creative or language courses, also if you are interested in leading a course and looking for a venue!

Kirchbach is an unusually well preserved example of the traditional agricultural village in Saxony, with farms strewn along the village lane and strips of land extending behind each. Kirchbach is also unusual in that there is hardly any new building, only renovation, and that now in most cases very well advanced. In 2010, Kirchbach won gold in the countrywide competition „our village has got future“. There are only 222 inhabitants, but lots of life. ... a paradise, not only for children ...

Sometimes you just need a few days to refresh your energy. Come here and enter a world where time has held back a little and rural life is still real. Many who come to visit from towns find the lack of noise almost uncanny. Wake up, open the window and listen to the sheer volume of birdsong. Or go out at night and wonder at the starry sky - do you remember the Milky Way? The grounds consist of meadow and orchard, just the thing for children.

Our holiday cottage accommodates max. 8 in three bedrooms, each with bathroom. There is an area of garden exclusive to the holiday cottage with patio and lawn. The rest of our land is orchard and meadow. The neighbourhood is rural and hilly, with good possibilities for walking, bicycling, day trips or just relaxing. We have some bicycles available to lend. See this page for more details of day trips. We speak English and are happy to help with information, bookings etc.

Ecological aspects. Are you looking for an ecological holiday? Our holiday cottage has been renovated with the maximum use of natural and reclaimed materials and minimum use of cement. The garden is mostly orchard and meadow, planted with traditional and native species and the paving is largely stone. The landscape around is in a fairly unspoilt state and the agriculture is not too aggressively pursued, for example, swallows, larks and buzzards are common. The heating is mostly by wood-burning. The electricity is from regenerative sources and the waste water goes into a reed-bed treatment pond. If you travel to us in a full car or by train, you could really claim to be having a very ecological holiday!

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